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- it always feels like you just don’t have enough time

- there is so much to do and all you do is procrastinate

- you have lots of great ideas, but you can’t see them through

- it feels impossible to balance your job, family, responsibilities etc

Being overwhelmed can feel like you are drowning.

Often it results in nothing getting done, because you just don’t know how to start. You frequently come last on your to do list (if you are lucky enough to even feature on your to-do list). Life feels hard – everything seems to be a battle. It is difficult to ask for help.

You just need more time…

What coaching can do for you:

From the very first session, you will get a chance to stop and take a breath.

Coaching will help you put things into perspective. You will create better ways of viewing the tasks that you wish to accomplish.

What is actually important to you will become clear, allowing you to let go of what is not important.

You will see why finding time for yourself is imperative in achieving the life that you want.



I fell in love with Olivia when we had our taster session. Her life sounded like a battlefield, she was fighting left right and centre. And it was a long hard fought battle. Despite sounding exhausted, Olivia was positive and ready to keep fighting.


Olivia is a single mother of a teenage girl. She was in a job that no longer motivated her. She was in debt and had several ideas for making money and was trying to get them all started while bringing up her daughter and holding down her full-time job.  


Olivia had no time for herself. 

She was completely overwhelmed.  


Looking at her life from different perspectives helped Olivia see what was important to her. What she wanted in life became clearer, which meant decisions were easier to make – like leaving her job.  She was able to see where she wanted to focus and let go of the areas of her life that didn’t fit into her vision.  


Olivia quit her job for a more motivating position where she is excelling. Olivia now has 3 business ventures running successfully alongside her full-time position. And she has time for her daughter and herself! I get regular updates on how well Olivia is doing.  


Olivia is an inspiration.

Here are some techniques

that can help reduce overwhelm:



Trying different perspectives

Making time for you

- even 5 minutes a day



Can you envision

what your life would be like


You have all the time you need.

You complete your tasks with ease.

You wake up looking forward to the day ahead.

You know what is important and why.

What you are trying to achieve is clear.

You prioritise you.

Contact me to experience a life with more ease.

"Patsy is an amazing coach and has helped me to totally transform my life and massively increase my confidence. I cannot rate her highly enough. She is insightful, wise and hugely inspirational and I can never thank her enough for the journey she has taken me on and for showing me how much I could achieve once I started to believe in myself."

Christine, 2018 

Let me remind you


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