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  • you often feel invisible or you just want to hide

  • it is difficult to find your voice especially when it is important to you

  • missing out on opportunities because you are afraid to step outside of your comfort zone

  • over-analysing what people say and take everything personally

Not feeling confident can be like dragging a heavy weight around.  

You are constantly being held back by your fear to go after what you desire. You doubt your abilities and your worth. You are always putting yourself down. You feel like a fraud and you are about to be found out.

What coaching can do for you:

Coaching will help you find your voice.

You will learn techniques that will quieten that constant mind-chatter that says you are not enough.

Through coaching you will choose to stop hiding.

You will realise that your comfort zone is, in fact, a prison keeping you from your dreams.


With confidence, your life will be transformed.


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When Claire came to me for coaching, she was struggling with confidence after a new promotion. Claire didn't feel she deserved the promotion and felt out of her depth. Claire was also finding it tough to manage a member of her team. This team member intimidated Claire as she always appeared very confident. In addition, Claire found it terrifying to speak in meetings as she was afraid of appearing stupid.



When I think of Claire now, I am filled with joy and I smile a huge smile.


Claire found her voice! I believe a key turning point was her realising she didn't need to be perfect. No one is perfect! She didn't need to know everything. Claire’s "more experienced" peers started coming to her for advice, confessing their own lack of confidence. The relationship with her team member improved as a result of Claire developing the confidence to speak openly. She discovered her team member was not as confident as Claire had imagined.  


Here are some techniques

that can help improve confidence:

Practise daily


Practising the pose of Superman/woman

Personalising that

negative mind chatter

Saying: “Sorry I don’t know, but I can find out”

Can you imagine what

your life would be like


You will be doing things you WANT to do.

Your relationships will improve as you will speak with freedom.

Your world will open up as you stop trying to be perfect.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone will feel like a great adventure.

Contact me to experience a life filled with confidence.

"I started coaching with Patsy with the aim of increasing my confidence at work. I was previously paralysed by a lack of confidence.

I have learnt where that feeling is emanating from and I now know I have more control over it. I feel more comfortable in my skin and I am not so scared all the time. One huge realisation was its OK for me not to have all the answers and I also feel like there’s so much power in admitting that. I’ve also learnt to trust myself and my instincts more which is such a powerful place to be in.

Patsy’s endless encouragement and belief sometimes was the only thing that dragged me across the finish line. Patsy got me making connections and logical leaps that I would have never been able to make alone. Coaching with Patsy was transformational!"

LG, 2017 

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