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- you are always putting yourself down

- you feel stuck and perhaps lack ambition

- you allow those around you to define who you are

You know you have a purpose in life but have no idea what it is.

You define yourself with labels – mother, daughter, manager, husband, friend – but you don’t know who you really are. You don’t know what is important to you because you spend your time trying to please everyone else. You want to rediscover you.

What coaching can do for you:

I will see you and will act as a mirror so that you will also see the real you.

You will see your value and find your purpose.

You will realise the importance of putting yourself first and how that benefits those around you.

You will rediscover your identity.

You will fall in love with you.



Lorraine came to me in search of self-realisation. Lorraine reminded me a lot of my own journey. At times it felt like I was coaching my old self. She wanted to remember who she was.  Lorraine would frequently criticise herself and struggled to receive a compliment.  Lorraine had no time for herself. Her life revolved around others. 


Lorraine was constantly trying to please other people in her life – at the expense of her own happiness.


Through coaching Lorraine started to realise the importance of prioritising herself. This was a tough lesson.  I set her a challenge to find one hour for herself during a 2 week period. Lorraine found this impossible to do, so we reduced it to 15 minutes! Lorraine began to notice how she was feeling impacted those around her. When she was feeling low, that energy was passed onto the people she loved.


Lorraine learned how to prioritise her own needs.


She gained the courage to tell those around her what she thought and what she needed. This was a powerful moment. Lorraine fell in love with herself. We used affirmations a lot in our sessions. Towards the end of our time together Lorraine was affirming – I am more; I am me; I am love.


It brought tears to my eyes seeing how far she had come.

Here are some techniques

that can help overcome feeling lost:



Create a vision

of the life you want

Spending time

in nature



What would it mean


You treat yourself with kindness.

You know your purpose and you live it.

You choose happiness and you infect others with your happiness. You give yourself the freedom to be you.

You bring light into the world.

Let me reintroduce you to you!

“My life coaching experience with Patsy has been amazing. Before I started my journey, I didn't understand how life coaching worked or could have an impact in my life. I was in a place where I didn't see my own worth as a being and felt life was passing me by and there was nothing I could do about it. I didn't like myself and I didn't know who I really was.


I have learnt more about myself and the person I want to continue to be in the weeks of sessions than I have in my years of being on this earth. I could not be more happy with the knowledge she has helped me gain and the love I now feel for myself. The journey I took with Patsy was amazing and comfortable. She didn't pressure me and helped if I didn't understand things, I never felt silly for my feelings or what I shared and felt safe when talking instead of feeling scared and vulnerable. I thank Patsy for her help and I am now excited for what is to come in my life.” 

RW, 2018 

Let me remind you


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