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How it works

It’s so great that you are

interested in coaching with me.  

This is how it works.

1. Free Taster Session 

First thing is to check whether we are a good coaching match.  To do this, I offer you a free 45 minute taster session. In this session we will explore what you are looking to get from coaching.  A key question I will ask is “What makes now the right time for you?”.   You have to be ready for coaching for it to be successful. In the taster session you will have the opportunity to ask me questions and get a sense of what it will be like to work together.

2. Coaching Packages

Coaching is a disruptive process.  It causes you to do things differently, think differently and ultimately feel differently.  As a result, I offer coaching packages rather than sessions.  This enables clients to commit to the process of creating change in their life.  It is normal for clients to feel a bump partway through the process, where they tell themselves they have “done it”.  However, in reality, it is only the start of their breakthrough.  The package helps the client over that bump.

3. Paperwork

I will send you an agreement that sets out our coaching arrangement together with an invoice. I will also include a questionnaire that starts your coaching juices flowing. The questions may feel challenging as they require a lot of self-reflection. The responses are a vital start to our coaching journey.

4. Format

We will agree the forum/location, frequency and length of our coaching sessions. Sessions can be by phone or online (Skype or Zoom). I do offer in person sessions where it works geographically (ie near Bromley) – clients would be required to come to me.  Sessions are usually scheduled every 2 weeks.  This gives clients time to take on board the coaching process as well as time to do “homework”. Weekly or monthly sessions are also possible.  Sessions are usually an hour long.

5. Discovery Session

Our first full session together is called a discovery session and lasts 90 minutes. During this session WE get to know you. I will use coaching tools to uncover your beliefs about you, who you think you are today, who you were before, who you really are.  In this session, you will develop resources that will be of benefit not only through our coaching relationship but also generally in your life.  During the session, we will explore in depth what you are looking to achieve from coaching.

6. Coaching Vision

Following sessions will last an hour. The intention is for you to bring a topic/situation to talk through during each session. Although you will have an overall Vision for coaching, the topic you bring each session allows you to control the direction of our coaching. These topics offer different ways to move you towards your coaching Vision. My role is to keep a light on your coaching Vision and to notice if the Vision changes.

7. Homework

In coaching most of the work/change happens outside of our coaching sessions. So you will often be given “homework”. Homework could be having 30 minutes of you-time, or practising saying “no” for a day.  Rest assured, this isn’t school – if you are unable to complete your homework, there won’t be any detention! 😊

8. Closing Session

Our last session together will be a closing session.  In this session we will get to celebrate what you have achieved from coaching.  Before the session you will complete another questionnaire.  It is always fun to compare this to the initial questionnaire.  Clients frequently say it’s like the first questionnaire was completed by a totally different person!

9. Sharing Your Journey

It is important to know that I will be sharing your coaching journey with you.  I will be your accountability partner that checks that you are on track and reminds you of what you are trying to achieve.  I will push you outside of your comfort zone.  I will be your champion that encourages you to keep going.  I will be your mirror that reflects who you truly are.


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