I help people move from a place of loss and disconnect through to a life of discovery and self-love.

This truly matters to me because I know what it is like to go through life not knowing who you are and to allowing others to define you. There was a time when I allowed others to define me and to validate me. I only saw myself through the eyes of others. Any criticism, no matter how slight, could push me over the edge because I was so insecure. I remember breaking down in tears in front of a group of friends because one friend said she didn’t like the colour of my nail varnish. It was mortifying! I lived in a suit of armour pretending I was tough, but on the inside, I was tiny and afraid. 

I now know what it is to show up in the world as my true self. I embrace imperfection and I own my greatness.
I love helping clients who are on a similar journey, clients who know they have a purpose even if they do not know what it is. The clients I work with are bright stars that are struggling to shine. They are covered by a large sheet held down by weights. The heaviest weight being themselves.

My vibration is love. Coaching with me you will feel safe and held. I will see you in all your glory as I will see through any mask you choose to hide behind. I will help you stand in and own your greatness.

If my words speak to you, please contact me for a complimentary session. This is an opportunity for you to get a sense of clarity and insight around the challenges you are facing. It is also an opportunity for you to stop and take a breath.

Coaching brings real change, lasting change and helping bright starts like you shine freely, is what I am meant to do.


"Patsy is an amazing coach and has helped me to totally transform my life and massively increase my confidence. I cannot rate her highly enough. She is insightful, wise and hugely inspirational and I can never thank her enough for the journey she has taken me on and for showing me how much I could achieve once I started to believe in myself."