"Before I was introduced to life coaching, things were OK, ticking along. I felt that I needed something more in life, but I wasn't quite sure what it was.


I'll admit that I was sceptical, not sure what I needed to change therefore how could I make changes?


I also thought it may be easier to do nothing because after all, things were 'ok'. However, I couldn't have been more wrong!

Patsy was always polite and light hearted so it felt more inspirational than I expected. She kept me on track and amazingly was able to prompt me in ways that made me look deep within myself, and to examine my past in order to come up with answers about what it was that was holding me back from making changes.

Through life coaching, I have felt more confident in myself and in my professional life. I have been able to effectively challenge upper management and have formed better working relationships as a result. I have also been successful in securing a new job and will be starting within the next few weeks.

I feel happier in my marriage and in my personal life and I am finally working towards putting myself first, something that I have been unable to do until now, despite my mature age.

If you are reading this, and like me may be a little sceptical about what life coaching can do for you, then I would say please don't hesitate. I wholeheartedly recommend that you give it a try, and I'm certain that you won't regret it.

Thank you Patsy x"
Helen, Buckinghamshire, aged 50

"I knew nothing about coaching when I got an opportunity to try coaching with Patsy. I had expected it to be some hippy thing, but the first session changed my mind. My first impression was it was good, like a chin wag with a positive outcome – natural conversation with a destination.  


I went on to have many more sessions with Patsy and as a result of these sessions, I was able to see myself from different perspectives. I grew in confidence and realised what was really  important to me, that is, my values. I was then

able to assess whether I and the people around me were honouring those values.


Coaching has made me feel better about myself, I have less self-doubt. I feel stronger and am better able to speak up for myself. I also have taken control of my life, rather than allowing it to be controlled by others.


I definitely recommend you give coaching with Patsy a try. I believe you would gain so much, just like I have." 

Anna (20)

"Coaching with Patsy was a fantastic experience. Her warmth and compassion allowed me to feel safe and explore and discuss things openly and honestly. Her intuition and insight meant we focused in on the issues that really mattered.

She gave me clarity and understanding and helped me see more of my potential and how to realise it. I would thoroughly recommend Patsy as a coach!"