How I work

My coaching starts from a position that you have all the answers and that you are all you need to be. Unfortunately we often get in our own way and forget these important points.  

As a life coach, my aim is to remind you and prove to you that you are all you need to be
During our sessions together, it is important to me that you:

  • feel safe
  • are heard
  • feel connected
  • are challenged when necessary
  • are held accountable
  • make progress

We will work together to gain a true and deep understanding of what you want to achieve. I work with you to explore your ideas and find solutions so that you find the way forward to whatever it is you want to achieve.  

I will provide you with a safe and caring environment, and the stimulation and expertise needed to help you get to where you want to be. 

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"I started coaching with Patsy with the aim of increasing my confidence at work. I was previously paralysed by a lack of confidence. I have learnt where that feeling is emanating from and I now know I have more control over it. I feel more comfortable in my skin and I am not so sacred all the time. One huge realisation was its OK for me not to have all the answers and I also feel like there’s so much power in admitting that. I’ve also learnt to trust myself and my instincts more which is such a powerful place to be in. Patsy’s endless encouragement and belief sometimes was the only thing that dragged me across the finish line. Patsy got me making connections and logical leaps that I would have never been able to make alone. Coaching with Patsy was transformational!"