How do I get in touch?

You can contact me via:

Telephone:  07787 324002  

Email:          info@prwcoaching.com
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Do you offer free sample sessions?

Yes. Get in touch with us to book your free 30 minute taster session. Taster sessions are an opportunity for you to see what life coaching could do for you as well as determine whether we are a good fit for you.


Where do the coaching sessions take place?

Life coaching is done primarily over the phone or Skype, but can also be done in person depending on where you are based.


How many sessions will I need?

Every client is different.  However, I recommend a minimum of 6 months coaching - two sessions per month - for the coaching to be successful and truly life changing.


How much does it cost?

Call or email us and we will explain the coaching packages available.


What if I require coaching about a scenario that isn’t listed?    

The scenarios listed are examples of some areas that may benefit from life coaching. Clients can be supported through life coaching in a very wide range of topics.


What is life coaching?

Life coaching can empower you to make, meet and exceed personal and professional expectations, achievements, and goals. We help people from all professional and personal backgrounds improve their strengths and accept their weaknesses.


Is life coaching different from counselling?

Yes. The fundamental aspects of counselling tend to lie around the background and causes of potential mental health, or personal problems; investigating the who, what, where, when and why.  


Life coaching is more forward looking and focusses on the future of clients. Coaching explores who you are now and what you are looking to achieve/change to get the absolute best of you and your life.


Don’t delay. Contact me today.


We’ll book your free 30 minute taster session to give you a feel of what coaching can do for you. Alternatively, if you’re ready to take the leap and change your life for the better, contact us to sign up for one of our very attractive coaching packages to get started on a brighter and happier you!